Friday, March 06, 2015
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St. Malachy predicted Biblical Apocalypse Malachy was an 12th century Irish Monk to whom were attributed several miracles and an apocalytic vision of the final 112 Popes now known as the Prophecy of the Popes. He was the first Irish saint to be canonised by Pope Clement III in 1199. Read the Full Story
Pope Francis I strongly connected to Peter the Roman Apocalypse Newly elected Pope Francis the 1st has several connections to Peter the Roman, the final pope mentioned in the St. Malachy prophecy involving the end of the world tribulation time period.
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Locust Plague hits Egypt before Passover A plague of Biblical proportions descended on Egypt with roughly 30 million locusts blanketing the skies near Giza and Cairo.      Read the Full Story
Francis I was the Last Holy Roman Emperor The first Austrian Emperor was also the LAST HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR ! He abdicated the thrown and disolved the empire after being defeated in battle by Napoleon Bonaparte.
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Lightning strikes Vatican after Pope resignation The Vatican has confirmed that St. Peter's Basilica was struck by lightning TWICE after Pope Benedict XVI resigned on February 28th. Watch the BBC video on You Tube.
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Meteorite hits Russia after Pope resignation On 15 February 2013, a bright meteor appeared in the skies over Russia travelling at 40,000 mph, it quickly became a brilliant fireball as it passed over the southern Ural region, exploding in an air burst over Chelyabinsk Oblast 10 to 15 miles above the ground. Watch video on You Tube.
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Newly elected Pope Francis the 1st has several connections to Peter the Roman, the final pope mentioned in the St. Malachy prophecy involving the end of the world tribulation time period.

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Argentina was elected to be the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church on 13 March 2013. Although he was born in Argentina, his parents are native Italian immigrants.

Peter the Roman connections became obvious when Cardinal Bergoglio immediately choose the papal name Francis I, to honor Saint Francis of Assisi.

The website clearly indicates the original name Saint Francis was born with in 1181 is Francesco di Pietro di Bernardone.

Pietro is Italian for Peter. The middle name for Saint Francis of Assisi was Peter.

Further research into the name Francis I reveals more startling connections to Peter the Roman. 

Cardinal Bergoglio is the first Pope to use the name Francis I, but has documented additional world leaders who were originally named Francis I, separate from the Pope.

Francis I - Holy Roman Emperor from 1745-1765

Francis I was the Holy Roman Emperor and Grand Duke of Tuscany in Italy. He was the father of the deposed and later executed Marie Antoinette, Queen of France.

And even more mysterious is the connection to Francis I - Emperor of Austria who was also the LAST and Final Holy Roman Emperor.

He ruled as Francis II of the Holy Roman Empire from 1792 until 6 August 1806, when he dissolved the Holy Roman Empire after the disastrous defeat by Napoleon at the Battle of Austerlitz. In 1804, he had founded the Austrian Empire and became Francis I (Franz I.), the first Emperor of Austria (Kaiser von Österreich), ruling from 1804 to 1835, so later he was named the one and only Doppelkaiser (double emperor) in history. For the two years between 1804 and 1806, Francis used the title and style by the grace of God elected Roman Emperor, always August, hereditary Emperor of Austria and he was called the Emperor of Germany and Austria. He was the Apostolic King of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia as Francis I.

Now we have multiple connections of Pope Francis I, not only to the name Peter, but also to the name Roman,  who is the 112th and final Pope mentioned in the St. Malachy Prophecy.

A 3rd Peter the Roman connection to Francis I is now evident in light of the fact the Holy Roman Empire was disolved during the reign of a leader named Francis I .


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